Clinical Psychologist Genevieve Moore

Clinical Psychologist Genevieve Moore

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Clinical Psychologist Genevieve Moore

BA (Psych III Hons & Ed), MA (Psych), M (Cl Psych)

Genevieve is a Clinical Psychologist, whose areas of expertise include:
• Self-perception and self-expression
• Anger management
• Acceptance and commitment therapy
• Mindfulness meditation
• Biofeedback
• Health and transitional coaching
She has 16 years of experience in a wide variety of clinical settings, including chronic and acute care psychology. She has participated in conjoint research as the Manager of the Cognitive Remediation service of North Sydney Local Health District. She has received numerous awards for her projects in promoting Positive Psychology through the Mental Health Professionals Network. She was awarded her Master of Clinical Psychology in 2008 with a thesis on Self-Regulation of Health in Severe Mental Illness.
Genevieve is a genuine and caring individual who is passionate about helping people to enhance their lives, find purpose and achieve their true potential.

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