Dr. Theo Likos

Dr. Theo Likos

GP On Ebley Medical Centre and Bondi Skin Cancer Clinic, Bondi Junction

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Dr. Theo Likos

Skin Cancer Doctor

Having graduated from Finders University (BMBS) in 1988, Dr. Likos spent several years in general practice before undergoing further training in cosmetic medicine/surgery, an area in which he then focused on for 5 years. Being an active sports person and taking health and fitness seriously himself, he began further studies in the growing field of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Ageing, in which he became fascinated and subsequently devoted much of his time studying and practising in.

He developed a further interest treatment in treating a variety of complex conditions including: Chronic Fatigue(ME), Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Lyme Disease, Hormone imbalances( inc, adrenals and thyroid) Sexual problems, and Dementia/Alzheimers Disease – which is becoming more and more common. Dr Likos is developing treatment programs that area aimed at detecting early signs of memory problems, and also that can address the underlying issues that lead to Dementia and Alzheimers. This in turn may result in a significant improvement in memory and quality of life. 

His interest in Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging continued and now he takes great interest in using his extensive knowledge and experience helping people to improve their health from all conditions using both conventional and natural therapies.

Dr. Theo has special interests in the following areas of medicine:

Skin Cancer Medicine/Surgery

Dr Theo has always had an interest in surgery of the skin – having previously performed several cosmetic surgical procedures.
He has trained further in skin cancer medicine and surgery – and has enhanced his skills in this field of medicine. He is highly skilled and diagnosing all types of skin cancers and then comprehensively explaining the possible treatment options that may be required, allowing you to make in an informed decision regarding your treatment. As the client it is your right to be educated and informed -allowing you to make the final decision on your health and well-being.

Health Wellness Coach

Dr Theo’s major goal in life is to obtain optimum Health & Wellness bothy for himself and for anyone else that wants it. After all, it is our right to be healthy and free of disease and to live to at least 100 yrs of age, in both good physical and mental health.

This is where Health & Wellness coaching shines brightly. It is a new paradigm in health and medicine. It is a shift from the consultation process whereby the doctor or health provider tells the person this is what he has to do and expects to go and do it- with often very poor results.

Instead Health & Wellness coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the client or participant. It is more about listening and helping each and every person firstly find true health and happiness and what it means to them. Secondly, it is the coaches role to help and guide and listen to the person and assist him or her on how best to achieve their life and health goals. This is not about a quick fix – a drug or referral for a treatment plan or dietician etc. This is a complete Health & Wellness Plan for life. Please ask us for further details regarding this unique coaching and if Dr Theo is able to fit you into his coaching schedule (he only takes a limited number of clients).


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