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Quality medical care

Our Health Professionals are here to care for you and your family

At GP on Ebley we believe that each patient should be provided with the highest possible level of care.

The team always work together to ensure that overall well-being of each individual. Our aim is to continuously improve the quality of care by listening to our patients and ensuring we keep up to date with the latest medical information. We are committed to promoting the best of health and prevention to all our patients. Every individual is treated with the utmost respect and we never discriminate in the provision of excellent care.

Patient Feedback

Our goal is always to maintain and provide a quality, caring service. If for any reason you have any suggestions or concerns please feel free to to contact our Practice manager,Ms Debson Cleeland or talk to your doctor. We would love to hear from you.

To help us improve our services, from time to time we may ask patients if they would like to take part in a questionnaire. This will provide the patient's views and suggested improvements for GP on Ebley. This of course would be voluntary and always confidential.

Critical & emergency care

Emergency CareIf you have an indication that your medical condition is urgent or serious we recommend you contact our office or the emergency services immediately. We want you to be safe, do not leave anything to chance, if you are not sure please do not hesitate to give us a call on 9387 1171. Our practice will always make time for urgent consults. If you feel it is very urgent we suggest going straight to the emergency department of your local Hosipital.

For Emergency Services.

Always remember to dial 000

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